• The Rise of the Roman Empire

    Interactive, animated history map full of questions and activities.

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How did the Romans build such a large and enduring empire? This title examines the expansion of Roman power, with its life-and-death conflicts, bitter power-struggles and ambitious personalities. 

This TimeMap gives a "Big Picture" overview of the rise of the Roman empire, while at the same time offering a close-up look at such key episodes as the Sack of Rome in 390 BC, the conquest of Italy, the epic struggle with Carthage, and the Civil Wars; and it examines developments in Roman government, society and economy.

Questions covered include:

  • With which other civilizations did Rome have links?
  • Where and when did its expansion originate, and over what time period did it take place?
  • What were the key reasons for Rome's expansion, and did these change over time?
  • What aspects of Roman life were transformed as a result of the conquests, and why? What elements remained the same?
  • What made the Romans so successful in building such a large and enduring empire?

Themes encountered in the Rise of the Roman Empire title include:

- Social & economic trends: tensions between rich and poor; mass slavery; the spread of slums in Rome;

- Government: the role of different parts of Roman government; the breakdown of the Republic and the rise of monarchy;

- Military organisation and technology: the evolution of the Roman army; the link between military and political leadership; the role of sea power

- Relations with "barbarians" and other non-Roman peoples, and the impact of Roman conquests on many peoples.

Historical skills
The TimeMap will give students a clear grasp of the chronology of Ancient Rome; the causes and consequences of various changes in Roman society and government; continuity and change over five centuries of Roman history; the nature and impact of conflict, both within Roman society and on Rome's foes. The coverage of dramatic episodes in Ancient Roman history gives opportunities for students to think about historical Interpretation of events and developments.

Flexible use

The Rise of the Roman Empire TimeMap can be used with the whole class, as a great whiteboard resource. This will give students a clear, highly visual overview of one of the most iconic topics in world history, from the beginning of the Republic in around 500 BC, to its height in the Second Cenrury AD.


The TimeMap can also be used by individual students and small groups undertaking home projects or enquiry work in class. Comprehensive teachers' notes and student-based questions enable you and your students to get the best out of this software and the topic it covers.


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For those schools which are required to purchase materials from a list of approved suppliers, this title is available from the Social Studies Schools Service.