• The Fall of the Roman Empire

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Why did Rome fall? This title looks at the decline and fall of the western Roman Empire, taking in the sack of the imperial city, the Hun invasion, and the rise of the "barbarian" kingdoms in the western provinces.

This is not only a story of a great empire in decline, however; it is one of huge social and cultural changes. By the end of the period covered by this TimeMap, the transformation of the classical world of Greece and Rome into the Feudal world of Medieval Christendom was well under way.

This TimeMap looks at such questions as:

  • When did the Roman empire start to decline? Over what time frame did this occur?
  • What were the key events in this process,and why were they important?
  • What deep-seated developments were at work reshaping late Roman society?
  • How did the late Roman government cope with new threats and crises, and how did it have to change?
  • Why did Christianity triumph over its rivals, and what impact did this have on the Roman world?

The TimeMap will give students a clear grasp of the chronology of the Fall of the Roman Empire; of the causes and consequences of the processes which led to the collapse of the empire in the west, and its survival in the east; the impact of geography upon history, in the way the eastern and western provinces diverged; the influence of global connections, especially in the fact that the Huns are mentioned as coming into the west because of events in China; the significance of different events (for example the Sack of Rome in AD 410) and the contrasting interpretations placed upon them.

Flexible use:

The TimeMap can be used with the whole class, as a great whiteboard resource. This will give students a clear, highly visual overview of this important period, from the height of the Roman empire in the second century through to the end of the western empire, in the Fifth century.

It can also be used by individual students and small groups undertaking home projects or enquiry work in class. Comprehensive teachers notes and student-based questions enable you and your students to get the best out of this software and the topic it covers.

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For those schools which are required to purchase materials from a list of approved suppliers, this title is available from the Social Studies Schools Service.