• The Atlantic Slave Trade

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The Atlantic Slave Trade began almost as soon as Europeans sailed into West African waters. By the 18th century, it had become a vast industry.
This TimeMap contains a sequence of interactive, animated maps which look at the origins and growth of the trade, at the way it worked, both for Europeans and Africans, and at the impact it had on all the regions involved.
  • When and why did it begin?
  • What factors, in Europe, America and Africa, made it expand?
  • What were the key stages? Who was involved, and why?
  • What impact did it have on each of the regions involved?

In covering these points, the TimeMap looks at chronology, causation and change.

It highlights the impact of geography, and in particular on how the trade affected three great regions separated by thousands of miles (Europe, the Americas, Africa). It discusses the nature of global connections, apparent particularly in the linked fortunes of different sets of peoples - Europeans, Africans and Native Americans. The issue of interpretation is covered with reference to the roles of the actors involved, and the impacts which this important process had in world history.

Flexible use

The TimeMap of The Atlantic Slave Trade can be used with the whole class, as a great whiteboard resource. This will give students a clear, highly visual overview of the Atlantic Slave Trade, from its beginnings in the 15th century to its height in the 18th century.

It can also be used by individual students and small groups undertaking home projects or enquiry work in class. Comprehensive teachers notes and student-based questions enable you and your students to get the most out of this software and the topic it covers.

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