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    Interactive, animated history map full of questions and activities.

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This Topic TimeMap contains a sequence of interactive maps giving an overview of the history of Ancient China, from its origins in about 2000 BC through to the Han Empire at its height, in 100 BC.

It lets students see the history unfold before their eyes, and grasp changes in a much more immediate way than any book could do. The use of colourful maps taps into their visual learning, letting the topic "stick" much more readily.

The TimeMap of Ancient China gives a "Big Picture" overview of the topic as a whole, while at the same time offering a close-up look at ...

  • the origins of Chinese civilization, the rise and fall of dynasties, the unification of China, relations with "barbarians", innovations and the growth of trade and industry;
  • the development of key features of Chinese civilization such ancestor worship, Chinese philosophy (especially Confucianism) and the imperial bureaucracy;
  • the impact of geography upon history, with descriptions of the great rivers and their valleys, of the significance of rice, and of the features and location of the steppes of central Asia;
  • the influence of global connections, apparent in technological developments, and the links between the successful defence of China's borders with the fall of the Roman empire.

It gives students a clear grasp of the chronology of Ancient China; the causes and consequences of various changes in society or government; of continuity and change as Chinese society was transformed from a collectionof tribes ruled by warrior chiefs to a huge unified empire ruled by highy educated civil servants, and the tension between traditional and modern interpretations of events and developments.

Flexible use

The TimeMap of Ancient China can be used as a great whiteboard resource with the whole class, to give students a clear, highly visual overview of Ancient Chinese history. It can also be used by individual students and small groups undertaking enquiry work. Teachers notes and student-based questions enable you and your students to get the most out of this software and the topic it covers.


Please note

For those teachers who are required to purchase their materials from approved suppliers, this TimeMap title is available from the Social Studies Schools Service.